If you would like to get in touch with the author and contribute your experiences please do so! if you so wish to contribute anonymously, that is not a problem. You are able to reach The Hazel Perspective via:

Email: thehazelperspective@gmail.com

Twitter: @THPLDN

Facebook: Thehazelperspective 

The Hazel Perspective is a space created for those who wish to share and confide in one another about their experiences of adoption or foster care. I myself am the only adopted child in my family, and have always struggled with the complexity of wanting to talk to someone about my experiences, but at the same time not believing I had the strength to open up and begin to tell people that I was adopted. I cannot speak for everyone, thus I aim to provide a space for all adoptees to share their stories. I want to encourage you to send in your questions, stories, thoughts and feelings and feel empowered. I want to provide the capacity for you as an adoptee to not feel alone.  There will always be someone out there who will not only listen to you, but who can truly relate to you. 

‘THP’ is a play on the human hazel eye colour, representing the grey area when it comes to talking about adoption as well as the ability for everyone to begin to see life through an adoptee’s perspective. It is also of sentimental value to myself as it is the name of my birth mother.