What Psychology Taught Me About Being Adopted

As infants, we form attachments with our caregivers be it mothers or guardians. We have a biological disposition to seek out a primary caregiver from whom we expect to receive an immediate response, close proximity, protection and security. It is this desire for closeness which promotes healthy attachments and in the long run stable relationships leading into adulthood. 

Submission: Flo

Connecting with someone on such a deep level is a beautiful thing and here Flo talks about her own experience as an adoptee. 

Challenging Ignorances

Attempting to dodge ignorance does little to inhibit identity issues carried out by adoptees. Having to figure out how to deal with the confrontation that comes with awkward and difficult questions or comments from other people conflicts with a lack of self-knowledge for an adoptee about what adoption means to them, or their own understanding of their background. 

My Story

A story that came unexpectedly, emotionally but nevertheless, quite naturally.